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Wellbeing Classes for Mothers & Children at Home.


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Make Home Your Haven

We are more than just an online yoga, fitness and meditation studio for mothers and primary school aged children. FamFIT is a safe place for your family to create positive rituals for long lasting physical, mental and emotional health, 

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Mothers Classes Include; yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breathing and yoga inspired High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Childrens classes Include: Educational Yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions perfect for your homeschooling toolbox. Lessons in mindful art, movement and breathing are designed to use when tranistioning your child from play time to learning time.

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What to Expect inside the Childrens Area

FamFIT is specifically designed for Primary School Aged Children


Help your children switch gears from play time to learning time. Give your children the gift of Mindfulness practices such as art, breathing and present moment awareness exercises that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.


More than just a fun, well rounded movement practice to keep them strong and healthy these sessions aim to educate and empower children as well as connect them with their inner strength and beauty.


Bring calm into your home with meditations that will give your children the opportunity to let go of worries, invite gratitude into their day and learn the skilll of winding down for a great nights sleep.

What to Expect inside the Mothers Area

FamFIT understands that part of taking care of your children is taking care of yourself


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been proven to be more effective in burning calories than steady low-intensity training and you only need to commit to doing 3 sessions per week to be burning fat all week long, even while you sleep!


New to yoga? No problem! The sessions are designed for all levels of ability and include slow restorative practices and flowing, heat building Vinyasa Yoga.

Meditate & Breathe

There's a meditation or mindfulness practice for every occasion inside. Whether you're having trouble sleeping, feeling anxious or want to invite more patience into life you'll find all this and more scientifically proven techniques to reduce stress inside.

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Bring, health, peace and happiness into your home every day.